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After the development of hexagon-shaped cupboard packages, we were given a new task: wrap the limited edition of honey jars as if they were a business gift.The initial sketches made by our art director during the briefing session with the client served as packaging concept for the product.The Bzzer met each player one at a time, and he/she asked questions to each one. Upon bzzzing a player out of the game, the set went dark, a giant "BZZZ!If The Bzzer does not like the contestant in any way, he/she pressed the bzzer to "Bzzz! " sign lit up in red on a wall, and a superimposed message appeared to the bzzed contestant.does not play making the reverse conversation merely for fun. In later shows after the opening, Annie Wood would read a viewer submitted question about the show. For one couple gave a percentage answer while the other predicted whether the actual answer was higher or lower than the couple guess. For this time the winning contestant asked questions to "The Bzzer" for an unlimited amount of time.If the couple with the higher/lower guess was right, they win; but if the couple with the higher/lower guess was wrong or if the percentage guessing couple hit it right on the nose, the percentage guessing couple won. And if the winning contestant "Bzzed", the date was off and he/she won a prize, otherwise if he/she rung the bell, the date was on.

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Ok, picture this, you're on a blind date and it just ain't happenin'. ) Don't you wish you could just push a button and make em disappear? Once the introductions were done, The Bzzer decided who to eliminate but not completely.The Bzzer even made a remark as to why he/she bzzed that contestant (the eliminated player(s) wore headphones to block out the explaination).But if The Bzzer liked the player in control, he/she rang a bell and they became a couple. A bachelor/bachelorette who is dubbed "The Bzzer" was shown four members of the opposite sex.

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Then The Bzzer & host Annie went over to a table where The Bzzer would talk to the remaining three contestants for two minutes.Designed in a notion of biomimicry, the wooden hive left no room for alternative concepts and made the way to the technical execution.