Dating girls in dominican republic

05-Jul-2017 21:50

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cant get there from the west coast without the extra flight. I'm considered fun to be with, but VERY serious about my faith, responsibilities and safety matters. Like many of you, I've seen various sites offering to link you up with a local girl who (in my case) is American friendly.Having gone through a very nasty divorce I was not sure what I am looking for but do know what I don't want!All I wanted was hot water to shower and air conditioning if I so needed it.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I'd love to get down for a week sometime in early January.... My impressions are: If you want to simply stay in a resort and not venture out into the country without a guided tour, Cuba could be for you.

and not nearly as many North American tourists go there yet... and are someone who likes all the stuff you mentioned.. check out "" they are a group who takes you on a guided tour to some cool places in the Domican and you do it from the back of your own motorcycle...

Both places have nice beaches, good diving, snorkeling, good music, food etc.

Overall, I would suggest the DR over Cuba simply because you are free to travel where you want, when you daughter and her best friend just got back from Camaguey and had a blast.

The area is less developed than Varadero but is super cheap. They flew all inclusive from toronto and paid 500 canadian each for one week. I have been to Varadero but will for sure check out Camaguey next time.

a bit of a walk to the beach as it is a large resort but direct access.where are you flying out of?