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07-Jul-2017 11:08

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Meeting them downstairs I’m pleased at how the obstacle looks – a short asian hamster with nice curves and glowing skin. I inquire whether Bhodi has ice in his vodka – “ice” being code word for him to move his girl into isolation. I ask her what she thinks of English men, whether we are gentlemen. I do The Stone and she comments my dick is a perfect size. I pull the trigger: That’s 80% of my wingwork done. Just as I think I’m on for mine she pipes up with “I need to get back to my hotel now.” I’ll hear this line at least ten more times in the next half-hour. An important part of the extraction is to find out what time she needs to be back home then promise you’ll have her there then. At the point I’m trying to pull her strides down she comes close to a real “no”. She’s screaming, gasping, begging to be fucked harder.

It turns out she’s refused to let Girl A leave the hotel alone, seeing her as the lifeline to escape the chodes and have some fun. Right from the off I’m push-pulling, at times dismissive of her witterings yet genial and showing social interest in her. It’s pretty easy to lead the chat and drop intellectual mastery on her – she appears to know nothing that Europeans would call “history” or “geography”. The girls only met each other an hour earlier as the tour group aligned on racial grounds and the asians drifted together. Then tell her I’m not one, that I’m a bad man – “Like this, for example” and lift her chin up for a kiss. I’m confident I can hold her long enough for Bhodi to extract. Clearly she’s relented on the kissing, her face is quite flushed. “Would you mind terribly if I whisk your friend away for a nightcap before returning her to you in an hour or so? A bit of fingering, her hand on my dick, and then just generally putting my dick near her mouth….

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