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My aunt then told me that she had finally talked my mom in going out cruising and would be home late. The next thing I knew my aunt was sitting on my bed asking me a question.My mother said she would spend the next few days with me to catch up on my life, which was not very exciting up to this point. What had transpired that evening was that my mom and aunt had cruised the bars to no avail in finding any satisfactory male company.

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I can’t stand it that here we are, two beautiful sexy women wanting to be fucked while a young male is just down the hall.” My mother looked at my aunt in disbelief saying, “What are you talking about?I just finished editing a video clip of my aunt being gang banged by 12 black men.

From harassment bullying school because of experience where went on to video chat.… continue reading »

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” Rage against the machine Cindy Helgason, a 48-year-old soap maker from Des Moines, Iowa, says she can’t stick a sock in her anonymous persona no matter how hard she tries. “But whenever I get in the car, I yell and cuss a blue streak. I don’t want to be associated with the person I am behind the wheel.” According to psychologist Patricia Wallace, senior director of information technology at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, a car can offer us the same kind of psychological distance — and/or personality-cloaking capacity — as a computer.… continue reading »

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Our idea was simple, just create a site and build a community of singles who just want to have the occasional casual encounter with out all the other stigmas involved when it comes to online dating.… continue reading »

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