Korean american interracial dating

27-Aug-2017 23:21

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These results can be considered in combination with the Shinagawa and Pang article, which points out that for all Asian ethnic groups and both husbands and wives, the percentage who are intermarrying with Whites has increased in recent decades, with the one exception of Japanese American wives.

However, their study also finds that all Asian ethnic groups and husbands and wives are also more likely to marry another Asian (either within their own ethnic group or some other Asian ethnic group) than before, and that despite the increasing popularity of Asian intermarriage with Whites, the data show that these days Asian Americans are much more likely to marry another Asian than to marry a White person.

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My research, in which I statistically analyze data from the 2000 Census, suggests that among Asian American men and with all other things being equal, those who are immigrants and those who live in a state where there are large Asian communities (i.e., CA, FL, HI, IL, NY, and TX) are less likely to intermarry with Whites than those who were born in the U. and those who live outside one of those six states.

Again, these are only preliminary conclusions using statistical analysis.

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