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The ordeal is still a big source of trauma, and it is only in the last few years that she has been able to talk about it."I wanted to hide my memories of my life in China," she says now. I was sold as a wife, but it is not really a wife - I was just a subject." She was a slave in all senses of the word, forced to do manual work in the fields in Heilongjiang and to have sex on demand with her husband, a heavy gambler. It's no coincidence that women make up an estimated 70 per cent of those who manage to cross the border from North Korea to China, according to the Ministry of Unification.

Despite having lived through more than most, Jihyun, now 47, tells me that she feels her life has only recently begun - specifically from the moment she touched down at Heathrow Airport in January 2008.Initially, her father’s position as a timber worker protected the family from the effects of the famine, but following his death in a freak work accident in 1997, Yu-mi’s mother went to China to earn money for the family.Yu-mi followed some months later, accompanied by her elder sister and three other adults.Even after she gave birth to their son (she hid the pregnancy and delivered the baby on her own, for fear that she would be forced to abort), she and the baby were treated like outcasts. Without the option for seeking asylum in China, and often reliant on the whim of the broker who organised their crossing, many have been shepherded into prostitution or sold as wives to Chinese men when they arrive.

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The shame associated with gendered abuse in north-east Asia has held many victims back from acknowledging what happened, even to their families, so as to protect children who may have been a result of abuse.

Jihyun, who finally decided to flee North Korea when her brother was beaten almost to death for leaving the army, found herself in the hands of people traffickers when she arrived in China.